About Us

Our Holy Cross congregation is far, far more than a group of people who worship, work, and share fellowship with one another.  We refer to ourselves as the Holy Cross family.  We are diverse and come in all shapes, backgrounds, ages, and colors.  We have diverse talents and interests and points of view.  Rest assured, however, that while we are certainly not "The Brady Bunch", there is nothing reminiscent of "Everybody Loves Raymond" about us.  We are family in the best sense of the word.

Wwelcome signhen we congregate, we are aware that everyone around us has worries and fears, griefs and joys, endings and beginnings.  None of us ever feels alone because each of us feels the comfort of being surrounded by warm hearts and willing hands.

It is an enormous blessing to know that we can count on the unconditional support of any number of people.  If someone needs transport, if someone needs counsel, if someone needs a quiet shoulder to lean on, if someone needs a recipe, if someone needs to plan an event...well, there are always Holy Cross family members we can rely on.  We celebrate and comfort one another.

And speaking of celebrating...

We celebrate our faith together, each in our own way, without imposing our individual thinking on others.  We celebrate the church's yearly milestones with joy and creativity.  There are:

  • Shrove Tuesday pancakes
  • Mardi Gras goodies
  • Lenten Adult Study
  • solemn and joyous Easter services and activities
  • concerts
  • yard sales
  • a Holiday Boutique
  • a children's Christmas pageant
  • our Thrift Shop
  • our outreach programs
  • and so much more!

A good way to get to know our family would be to join the Men's Breakfast at 9 AM on the second Sunday of each month.  We talk about everything under the sun, and, don't forget, we eat really well and laugh a lot.  Also, on the last Sunday of the month at 1 PM, we celebrate our neighbors with a shared lunch.  All are welcome.

As a matter of fact, all are welcome at Holy Cross all of the time.