Holy Cross Pre-School

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For the past 60 years, Holy Cross Pre-School (school) has strengthened the mission of the Church of the Holy Cross (church) as an extension of its ministry.  The school strives to provide a safe, positive, and caring learning environment to students.  It encourages dialogue with parents through daily communication, documentation of learning, and parent conferences. Parents are welcomed to participate and volunteer in various school activities.

Since September 2001, the school has operated the pre-kindergarten (pre-k) program under a series of one year agreements with the North Plainfield Board of Education (BoE). The BoE sets the curriculum, goals, and direction of the program.  The school provides administration, teachers, and facilities and is reimbursed monthly.  There are three preschools contracted by the BoE.  

The program, as contracted by the NP Board of Education, is offered free to residents of North Plainfield.
  • Students attend school for 2½ hours, five days a week.
  • There are three classes, two in the morning and one in the afternoon.
  • Children who are not residents of North Plainfield or those who need to stay in the after-care program make arrangements directly with the school .

The program continues to be the children’s foundation in learning to build friendship, developing a strong self-concept, and preparing to take on more challenges.  Students pay to attend the program.  There is one morning class with students who come on different days during the week.


The school has seven staff members who are credentialed, qualified, and committed.  They work with each family to help every child feel safe and motivated to learn.

Staffing is implemented in accordance with regulations as set forth by the Department of Children & Families (DCF).  DCF provides a “Manual of Requirements” which stipulates the guidelines governing early childhood programs and the administration.

The key staff members are:

Carina Hill is the director for administration and finance.  She has had administrative responsibilities at the school for 13 years.  She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.  Her previous work experiences include responsibilities as office manager, chief financial officer, and corporate auditor. Carina manages the school’s day-to-day operations including student registration, parent relations, accounting, and financial administration.  She also coordinates the school’s compliance with State licensing and the requirements of the school district.

Barbara Vitelli is the director for curriculum and staff development.  Barbara taught at Holy Cross for over 20 years.  She retired in 2008 and moved residence to Ocean County where she continued to teach in the Lakehurst Public school District. She returned to the Holy Cross in January 2014 as head teacher in the morning pre-k class.  Barbara’s vast experience in curriculum planning and working with young children is invaluable.


e recognize that God creates each individual person with unique gifts and abilities.  At Holy Cross Pre-School, we seek to develop these gifts and abilities in a Christian setting.  We strive to provide a nurturing environment in which children from all socio-economic, religious, and ethnic backgrounds grow spiritually, intellectually, and physically.

As a ministry of Holy Cross Church to the community, Holy Cross Pre-School fulfills its mission by offering the following:
  • Small classes where each child is assured personal attention and understanding.
  • Opportunities for creative expression and development through exposure to art, music, and creative play.
  • A wide variety of physical activities that teach the importance of maintaining a healthy body.
  • Experiences of helping others (even people we do not know) and instilling the values of sharing and caring.
  • Frequent events that involve children, parents, and staff creating an atmosphere of close interpersonal relationships between home, our school, and the community.