Our Parish views stewardship as an expression of our faith. As we use our time, talents and treasure to support our Parish and the greater community, we trust that God will meet our needs.

Our stewardship season in November is a time to consider our relationship with God. It is a time to reflect on what God has done for us and consider how we should express our gratitude. What has God done for us? We live in the greatest country on earth in relative ease. Yes, we have problems, but we have enough to eat and a place to sleep, and many of our fears and worries today will be seen as unfounded as time goes by. We are truly blessed.

In the Prayers of the People, we pray for our own needs and the needs of others each week. We believe that if we ask through prayer, we will receive, and we believe that God will give us what we truly need. Each of us has prayed earnestly for personal blessings, like health and happiness, and often these prayers seemed not to be answered. However, if we reconsider the things we prayed for in our past in light of the gifts we were actually given, we are often surprised that our lives turned out better for it. We could all give many examples of this from our own experiences. We are grateful every day for the blessings God has given us without us even asking. We express our gratitude by our free gift of time, talent, and treasure back to God.

Stewardship season is not a time for gloom and doom. It holds a message of hope, not fear, and reinforces our belief that God will guide us in the way that is best for us to do the His work.